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At Bray, our business is helping our customers with their flow control requirements. Our modular product line of valves, actuators and accessories offer the best compatibility, economy and quality performance in the flow control industry.

With over 25 years of continued success and outstanding growth, Bray International has become one of the premier quarter-turn butterfly valve, ball valve, and pneumatic and electric actuator manufacturers in the world, and the largest manual and automated butterfly valve manufacturer in the western hemisphere. With global operations in over 40 countries, Bray has developed a fully integrated and innovative product line in the world’s largest and fastest growing economies. These products are engineered to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

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Building Services Products

Control Valves

NYL/AB Series Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

Applications for Building Automation, Temperature Controls, HVAC
Two-Way and Three-Way Assemblies, Chilled Water, Hot Water, Steam, Special Aplications

Bray’s NY and AB series resilient seated butterfly valves set the design standard for quality, reliability and long life in a wide variety of HVAC applications. Specifically designed for automated applications on chilled water, hot water and condenser water, all AB and NY series automated butterfly valves are 100% factory tested for bubble tight shut off and low seating/unseating torque.

NY and AB Series valves are available in 2-way and 3-way configurations in sizes from 2” to 20”. Actuators include industrial electric, commercial electric, high pressure pneumatic and low pressure pneumatic in both spring return and non spring return variations for on/off and modulating control applications. Differential pressure ratings are available for high close-off (up to 175 PSI) and low close-off (50 PSI) requirements.

Features Benefits
High Purity Peroxide Cured EPDM Seats Low Torque and superior rubber stability over the shelf life and service life of the valve
Nylon coated ductile iron disc (NY Series) Superior corrosion and abrasion resistance extends the life of the valve
Reduced torque requirements
Internal disc-to-stem connection High strength and easy serviceability
Wide Variety of Direct Mount Actuators Reduces size, cost and hysteresis
Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Approval Assure conformance to global standards for design integrity and material traceability

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Building Services Products

Control Valves

Bray Pressure Independent Valves(PIC)

ATT - AutoTouch Terminal
Adjustable PIC Valves
2 Way 1/2" - 1-1/2"

Pressure Independent Control Valve - Modulating control valve, dynamic balancing valve and differential pressure control valve in one body. Field adjustable, self-balancing, dynamic flow control valves that are pressure independent, two-way and modulating to accept analog signal inputs. Each valve has an adjustable maximum flow rate setting to enable flow limitation and balancing to the coil or zone that the valve is controlling.


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Building Services Products

Control Valves

SoftTouch 2 Characterized Ball Valves

SoftTouch 2 Ball Valves
Applications for Building Automation, Temperature Controls, HVAC
Two-Way and Three-Way Assemblies • Steam • Chilled Water • Hot Water

The Soft Touch 2 (ST2) series characterized ball valves provide accurate and cost effective control of a wide range of equipment in HVAC applications. The ST2 series features a forged brass 2-piece body with Stainless Steel balls and stems for water temperature up to 284 °F (140 °C) and saturated steam up to 15 PSI.

The Amodel® Flow Characterizing Disk maintains equal percentage Flow Characteristics for optimum temperature control. The blowout-proof stem and mounting flange, combined with an innovative double O-Ring stem seal and self-centering stem bushing design provides quick and easy electric actuator field mounting while ensuring long life and leak-free valve performance.

Graphite reinforced PTFE seats backed with EPDM O-rings significantly reduce operating torque, allowing the use of the most economical actuator to provide the torque required for the application. All valve and actuator assemblies provide 200 psig (1,379 kPa) close-off pressure while ensuring operation after long idle periods. Because of their cost- effective, reliable design, ST2 Series Ball Valves are maintenance free.

Features Benefits
580 PSI (PN 40) Body Rating Meets any HVAC application
200 PSI Close-off Rating Worry-free at high differential pressures
ANSI Class IV (<.01%) Leakage Energy efficient
Low Torque Minimizes actuator costs/extends life
Greater than 500:1 Rangeability Superior control accuracy and stability

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Building Services Products

Control Valves

STM Characterized Flanged Ball Valves

Flanged Characterized Ball Valves
2 Way and 3 Way, 2-1/2" - 4"

STM Series Flanged Ball Valves are designed to regulate the flow of hot water, chilled water, and 50% glycol solutions to the demand of a controller in Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. The valves come in sizes of 2-1/2”, 3”, and 4”. The (ANSI) Class 125/150 flanged valves come in both 2-way and 3-way configurations and are available in multiple Cv ratings. Bray offers the valve, linkage, and actuator assemblies for factory or field mounting with either spring return or non-spring return actuators.

The STM is designed for electronic actuator operation to a maximum close-off pressure of 100 psi and for temperature ranges 0° to 284°F.

Features & Benefits
Lap Flange
Allows easy positioning and alignment with mating flanges
Low Torque
Smaller actuator and longer life
Dimensionally Stable at High Temperatures
Works in low pressure steam applications
5 Year Warranty
Assurance of trouble free operation

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