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Since the late 1950s Tech Development (TDI) honed its precision machining craft by creating some of the world’s most sophisticated turbine air simulators for the aerospace industry. Their mastery of reliable and durable turbine blade machinery earned the company a reputation that garnered a significant amount of custom project work in the growing turbine-related industries.
TDI soon became an international leader in turbine technology and the manufacturing of sophisticated custom machinery. The company’s core understanding of the movement of air, power, coupled with its ability to design and manufacture sophisticated rotating devices was a ripe environment for the development of new products.

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Engine Starting Systems

Turbine Air Starters

TDI T100 Series

T100 Series Turbine Air Starters

Uncompromising Performance and Reliability for Large Engines up to 300 Liters

T100-B and T100-V provide ultimate reliability for large engines up to 300 liters.  Long cranking cycles, contaminated air, and improper maintenance have almost no effect on the T100.   Available in inertia-engaged and pre-engaged models, the T100 is the one starter you can rely on for your most critical applications.

Ready For The World's Most Contaminated Air

The T100's vaneless turbine motor has no rubbing vanes to stick, swell, or wear out - wet air or gas have no effect on internal parts. Contaminated air that clogs, damages and shuts down lesser units passes through TurboTwin's "open air path" design. Even sour natural gas is no match for the T100's corrosion-resistant interior. It all adds up to unmatched reliability - regardless of the conditions you operate in.

Aerodynamic Speed Control Permits Longer Cranking…and No Burnout

Long crank cycles are a reality that can burn out the gearbox of lesser-grade starters. TurboTwin's design has eliminated the automatic trip valve (ATV) providing precise aerodynamic control over motor speed. TurboTwin's lower gear ratios reduce starter workload and allow cool running that prevents starter burnout.

No Compromise On Any TurboTwin™ Part

T100 uses only high-quality, high-strength steel and aluminum alloys machined to the industry's tightest tolerances. There's no cutting corners, and definitely no plastic parts as used in other turbine air starters.

Fewer Moving Parts Means Fewer Repairs

T100 features half the moving parts found on other turbine air starters. The design yields greater reliability, reduces overhaul, and minimizes potential part repair costs.

No Oil Means No Fugitive Emissions, Reduced Maintenance, And A Cleaner, More Reliable Starter

The T100 is grease-packed for life so there is no need for oil lubrication, no oily fugitive exhaust emissions, and no maintenance required.

More Power, Faster Starts

TurboTwin™ produces up to 25% more horsepower and superior turbine torque on a unit of air, and delivers faster cranking RPM for quick starts. T100 can provide reliable starts at pressures as low as 30psig making it ideal for field gas compressor applications and compressor rental fleet operators.

Ultra Low Pressure Starts

T100 can provide reliable starts at pressures as low as 30 psig making it ideal for field gas compressor applications and compressor rental fleet operators.


At 43-54 lbs., T100 is not only lighter and more compact than other starters in its class, but installation can be a one-man operation.
The TurboTwin T100 is offered in a variety of nozzle and pinion configurations to meet your exact application requirements. See the following specification pages to select the appropriate model.

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Engine Starting Systems

Turbine Air Starters

TDI T20 Series

A New Low – 12hp @20 psi.
When you need serious starting power at low pressure, nothing delivers more performance than the new TurboTwin T20. It’s the new low pressure starting champion.

Packages as Small as 6 Inches Long Delivering up to 15hp!
It’s 15hp in the palm of your hands. T20 is the ultimate combination of big power at low pressure in a durable, robust package. It’s high performance starting designed for reliability in the world’s harshest environments.

Ideal for Underground Mining Applications.
The all steel exterior construction of the T20 coupled with its small footprint and low pressure capability make it perfect for starting engines up to 6 liters displacement.

Great for Low Pressure Gas Applications.
Low pressure, dirty, or wet gas is no problem for the T20. The T20 sets the new standard for reliable performance in the world\'s most challenging applications.

Easy Upgrade Replacement of Electric Starters.
TDI designers did everything possible to help end users tired of electric and vane-type starters to upgrade to turbine technology. Compare specs, size, air requirements, footprints, and exhaust options. Improving reliability and performance is seamless with T20.

Efficient Exhaust Design with Many Configurations.
Exhaust configurations are available for the many applications customers might require.

TurboTwin Field-Proven Reliability.
The TurboTwin Brand owns the distinction of having the most air/gas turbine starters in the field, and the most turbine air starters operating in the world’s harshest and most demanding environments. There is a reason TurboTwin is the number one choice of system integrators, packagers, and aftermarket end
users – “unparalleled starting reliability.”

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Engine Starting Systems

Turbine Air Starters

TDI T25 Series

Lots of Power in a Small Footprint
At just 121mm (4.75") diameter and less than 275mm (11") long, T25 delivers 21kW, (27hp) @ 6.2 BAR (90psig) on a 12 nozzle package. T25 redefines robust starting and reliability for small space applications.

No More Vane Motor Problems
The superior reliability of turbine technology over vane motors has been proven over the last 30 years. T25 eliminates the sticking, swelling, rubbing, and clogged motor problems inherent to vane-type starters. Its rugged steel construction and no plastic parts make it the most reliable small starter on the water.

Ideal for Small Marine Engine Applications
T25 has already made a name for itself as an excellent fit for marine applications on a variety of engines around the world. T25 enables vessels with 6-16 Liter engines to take advantage of TDI’s TurboTwin technology.

Integrated Controls Make Converting
to TurboTwin Technology Easy. The design of the T25 even eliminates any potential control or wiring issues at installation by including an integrated control package with the unit. T25 maintains a small footprint and is remarkably easy to install

1 Hose, 2 Wires, 3 Bolts and T25 is Installed!
Users have been amazed at how easy it is to upgrade to TurboTwin. Installation is literally, attaching one hose, connecting two wires, and screwing in three bolts.

TurboTwin Field-Proven Reliability
The TurboTwin brand has the distinction of having the most turbine air starters in the field, and the most turbine air starters operating in the world’s harshest and most demanding environments. There is a reason TurboTwin is the number one choice of system integrators, packagers, and aftermarket end users – “unparalleled starting reliability.”

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Engine Starting Systems

Turbine Air Starters

TDI T30 Series

T30-I and T30-P Air Starters

Fast, Compact Starting for Engines up to 20 Liters

 The T30 generates up to 25% more stall torque than other starters in its class. Its highly efficient twin-turbine motor design gives you more cranking power with less air for faster starts. Unlike starters that require a mechanical automatic trip valve (ATV), the T30 uses aerodynamics to control motor speed, giving you total control over the start cycle.


At 29 lbs. (13.2 kg) the T30 is lighter and more compact than other starters in its class.

The Longest Lasting, Most Reliable Engine Starter - Here\'s Why:

The T30 Turbine is designed to thrive in the world\'s dirtiest, messiest environments. Wet or contaminated air have no effect on the T30. There are no rubbing vanes to stick, swell or wear out - which translates into longer lasting, more reliable starting, regardless of conditions.

No Mess, No Fugitive Emissions

The vaneless design of the T30 is grease-packed for life, thereby eliminating fugitive start exhaust emissions caused by messy, oily exhaust residues. Less mess, less maintenance, and a clean environment for your engine makes sense, doesn\'t it?

No Plastic Parts And Half The Moving Parts Yield Quality

Quality has been designed into the T30. We\'ve minimized the moving parts (less than half the number on competitive models). We refused to compromise the design by cutting corners with "plastic parts." The result is a rugged starter made of high-strength steel and aluminum alloys that last longer and delivers significantly more starting cranks than other similar size systems.

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Engine Starting Systems

Turbine Air Starters

TDI T50 Series

T50 Pre-Engaged & Inertia-Engaged Turbine Air Starters 
T50-P (pre-engaged) and T50-I (inertia-engaged) are versatile, mid-size turbine air starters designed for a wide variety of challenging applications like mine haul truck environments, work boats where pipescale and damp salty air have effected starters, or remote oil and gas fields where downtime can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars

The Lightest, Most Compact Starters for Diesel Engines up to 4882 CID (80 Liters) T50 Turbine Air Starter delivers 40 hp of cranking power for starting medium size gas and diesel engines. These lightweight starters are  5.76 in. (146 mm) in diameter, its size-to-power ratio sets the industry standard. Refinements to the TurboTwin™ design have reduced noise levels below standards previously thought to be unattainable in air starters.  It's easily the quietest starter in its class. Additional design refinements have further reduced the number of contact parts which will yield even longer life and provide maintenance free operation.

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Engine Starting Systems

Turbine Air Starters

Turboflow Air Regulator

The critical issue in optimizing the engine’s air start system is minimizing the pressure drop to the starter “in a dynamic manner” under high flow conditions. That’s exactly what TDI’s TURBOFLOW does with its high Cv factor.  It makes available more useable air pressure in the tank. (Download New TURBO FLOW Product Sheet Here)  This translates to greater air flow delivered to the air starter motor, even at low pressures. The benefits for these efficiency gains include:

More engine starts on fixed air volume (tank size).
More powerful starter performance on engines additionally loaded under cranking conditions.
Utilization of smaller air storage tanks without impacting regulatory compliance.
Maintaining a lower stored air pressure which reduces air compressor wear and costs.

Air Efficiency Goes Hand-in-Hand with Savings & Reliability
Most air pressure regulators found in start systems are woefully inadequate. These components are frequently selected based on pipe size and pressure ratings instead of their Cv factor or flow capability. There are four negative consequences for this error: 1) Higher pressure drops/flow losses between tank air pressure and the air starter, 2) reduced starter performance, 3 ) wasted air capacity, and 4) higher air costs.

Real Component Performance is In the System!
A TDI start system featuring TURBOFLOW air regulators and other TDI accessory components, make these problems a thing of the past by optimizing air delivery – a craft TDI has been perfecting since they pioneered low pressure air starting more than 30 years ago.

Air Efficiency Goes Hand-in-Hand with Savings & Reliability
Start system performance means consistent reliable starts, but it also means having the air required on-hand when the engine has to be available. TURBOFLOW minimizes dynamic air flow loss, which eliminates wasted air. This improves reliability by assuring the perfect amount of air is delivered to the starter every time.

Air Storage Costs Money – More Space Costs More
TURBOFLOW Air Regulators allow for smaller air tanks to be used, enabling space savings on marine vessels, generation sets, or other tight space applications. Lower stored air pressures reduce wear-and-tear on compressors which means longer uninterrupted service which not only saves money, but improves system reliability too.

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Engine Starting Systems

Turbine Air Starters

Turbostart Gas Turbine Starters

TDI has been a significant player in the design, testing and manufacturing of turbine-related machinery for the world's most sophisticated aircraft for many years. So it's no surprise that when TDI engineers put their minds to designing starters for industrial gas turbines, their TurboStart™ motors quickly garnered recognition for their power, reliability and efficiency.
The honing and discipline of a demanding aerospace industry has enabled TDI to establish new standards for industrial turbine starters based on the concepts of more power and smaller packages. The result is a line of starters that display the precision and quality of aerospace components, yet designed to match the harsh environmental challenges facing industrial gas turbine engines.
Our engineers introduced their first industrial gas turbine starter in 1984. Twelve models and hundreds of refinements later, they continue to introduce products that break new ground for power and reliability for industrial gas turbine starters – making the TurboStart brand synonymous for efficient and reliable gas turbine starting.

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Engine Starting Systems

Turbine Air Starters

Turbostart Two

More Than An Air Starter 
TurboStartTwo isn’t just an air starter. It’s an Integral Start System that includes 1) a powerful air motor 2) built-in controls with pre-programmed safeguard logic, 3) a flow-match relay valve, 4) an electric solenoid, 5) an integral muffler, 6) both pilot air control lines/fittings, 7) a simple plug-in interface to your engine control. It even has an emergency manual bypass provision, allowing you to start just on air if need be. On a new engine it is literally a five minute installation.

Built-In Intelligence to Prevent Starter Damage
TurboStartTwo is a Smart Starter with built-in, pre-programmed control logic for preventing common types of starter damage caused by operators engaging the starter while it is in operation – both after the system has started and during coast-down. Damaged ring gear and pinions are virtually eliminated by this simple operator “lock-out” feature.

Easy Installation on New Engines
Whether you are an OEM or a Packager, installing the TurboStartTwo Start System on a new engine is fast and easy. Simply put on 3 bolts, hook-up 2 wires, and attach one hose and the entire starting system is fully installed – an operation that only takes about five minutes.

An OEM Starting Solution from the Shop Floor to the Aftermarket 
The simplicity of the integral start system means one box, one part number, and one easy installation. TurboStartTwo replaces between 10 and 20 components on a typical OEM start system. That’s 10-20 individual part orders and part numbers. 10-20 shipments to receive, stock, inventory and account for. Add to that minimum re-orders and distributing, supporting, and shipping individual parts in the aftermarket, and the one box simplicity of TurboStartTwo becomes even more valuable.

Stop Operator-Caused Starter Damage
Our statistics show that one of the biggest factors in air starter wear is operators engaging the starter when it is running or coasting down. Damaged pinions and ring gear is expensive. If this problem is prevalent at your operation, TurboStartTwo’s lock-out capability is a solution that will stop it once and for all.

A Simple Fix to Complex Control Systems
Some starter control systems operate like clockwork. Some are “touchy” and frequently cause problems. If you are tired of your engine not being available when you need it, pulling out your current system and simplifying with the reliability of an integral start system like TurboStartTwo

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Engine Starting Systems

Turbine Air Starters


A Versatile Starting Air or Control Relay Valve

TurboValve is a versatile, pilot-operated starting air, or control relay valve used for the installation of TurboTwin Air Starters.  TurboValve is a direct replacement for Sealco Models (10900, 11900, 14900, 110250) and Ingersoll-Rand Models (SRV125, SRV150) relay valves.  High flow capacity reduces pressure drop through the valve providing for a broad range of applications.  A convenient auxiliary port allows you to tap pressure at the “IN” port for indication, control or pilot actuation.  Operation of the TurboValve is simple.  When either electricity is applied to the solenoid valve, or a control air is applied to the APP port, the main ports (“IN” and “OUT”) are opened to allow full flow through the valve.  When the start button or control air is released, the return spring closes the main port.

Nickel-plated aluminum body
450 psig (31 BAR) maximum rating for pneumatic versions available 
150 psig (10.3 BAR) maximum rating for electro-pneumatic versions
High flow capacity (40Cv)
Replaceable O-rings (Viton or Buna N)
Compressed air only on electrically controlled version
1-1/4” or 1-1/2” NPT pipe sizes
3-point mounting for secure attachment to mounting bracket or frame
-20 to 200 F (-29 to 93 C) operating temperature
Replaces Sealco(10900, 11900, 14900, 110250)  and Ingersoll-Rand (SRV125 and SRV 150) relay valves
Lightweight, only 2.9lbs (1.3 kg)
Solenoid voltages include 12VDC, 24VDC, 110 VAC, 120VAC