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ATAL provides various universal multi-channel dataloggers with programmable inputs. Monitoring and recording of temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure, differential pressure, air velocity, flow, voltage, current, energy consumption, power... Alarming per SMS, Email, relay, buzzer, SNMP traps Communication through RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, GSM Available with display, very accurate, applicable to permanent measuring in for example food industry and laboratories.

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The ATM-055D system is an advanced 1 to 16 channel data recorder with extensive warning capabilities.
This universal data recorder was developed for stand-alone registration of among others, temperature, mA, volts and pulse (status and counting) signals. Transducer with an active output (for example, temperature, humidity, pressure and voltage measurements) can easily be connected on a mA input or volt input. There are even opportunities to record for transducers with a RS485 output. Multiple ATM-055D units can be linked, through an RS485 or Ethernet network.

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The ATM-06D data logger is fitted standard with 16 multipurpose inputs for free programming. Every possible combination can be made on the basis of the input types with the corresponding measrurement range shown below. In short, this is a very versatile recorder with exceptional ease of use and optimum flexibitly. An RS485 input is available  as an optional extra allowing readings from sensors that communicate using the modbus protocol to be input and then registered.

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